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            • 地 址:揭陽市空港經濟區炮臺鎮南潮八村恩益電器有限公司
            • 電 話:0663-3377770
            • 傳 真:0663-3377770
            • 郵 箱:259295231@qq.com

            揭陽市恩益電器有限公司是一家集開發、設計、生產、營銷于一體,擁有各類專業技術和管理人才,一流的生產設備和先進管理模式的現代化電器制造企業。經過十多年的精心研制,以“恩美”、“恩雅康”品牌為主的產品有:電吹風、電發夾等美容美發系列;多功能干衣機、手電筒、電蚊拍等家電系列。是目前粵東地區電器生產行業中,開發品種比較齊全、 具有規;a能力和雄厚設計開發實力的專業性家電制造企業,現擁有廠房40000平方。     

            本公司自成立之日起,以創造美好生活為依托、 制造一流品質為己任的經營理念。 從產品的研發、模具設計、制作、生產等每個環節, 擁有專業技術人才和先進設備給予強有力的支持、保障。能及時開發符合時代潮流的產品,搶占有利的市場商機。經過多年來精心研制,持續改進,不斷優化,系列產品以其匠心獨具的設計,新穎的外觀造型和高品質的質量保證,使產品暢銷全國各地,而且已出口包括英國、俄羅斯、哈塞克斯坦等多個國家和地區。 深受廣大消費者的青睞和受到同行業專業人士的一致好評和肯定。經過不懈的努力,系列產品通過國家強制性“3C”認證,為公司持續發展打下堅實的基礎。

            追求卓越,止于至善是本公司的發展宗旨。以不斷開發時尚、優質、高品位產品的承諾,為廣大消費者創造美好的生活,提供一流服務的方針。本公司將一如繼往地吸納消費者寶貴意見,注重質量,提升服務, 讓用戶滿意是恩益電器永遠不變的目標!

            Jieyang City ENYI Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of electronic and electric products with advanced equipment、strong strength and complete management. We mainly make a series of hair dressing products such as hair dryer, hair curler, hair straightener and clipper and other home appliances. Now we are a professional home appliances enterprise with a 4000 square meters factory. “ENYI” appliances have one working idea of creating nice life and making first class quality. Our products are controlled strictly on the quality from the design, moulding, assembling, sales and service, which makes good impression on consumers. We continue improving our products, our products enjoy their sales in whole ChinaincludingTaiwanfor special design, new appearance, and high quality, also have exported toEngland,Russia,  Kazakhstanand other countries. The level of our enterprise management goes through ISO90012000 certificate, the quality of our products goes through the CCC certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification and CE , which is the firm base of the development for our factory. Pursuing excellence to reach perfection is our tenet. Our promise is to keep on developing fashionable, high-quality and good taste products, our target is to create the beauty life for consumers and provide the first class service. We shall take consumers''''''''suggestions , pay attention to quality and service. Making customer satisfied is the aim of ENYI!